Air Freight

Do you need to send air freight cargo into Australia as soon as possible? Call VIPMALL to book our air freight forwarding services. VIP freight via air is the fastest type of shipping service available and can transport goods internationally in a matter of days rather than weeks.

Sea Freight

If you’re looking for a first-rate sea freight company, get in touch with VIPMALL. We offer freight forwarding services that are recommended for shipping large and heavy goods that cannot be shipped via air travel, such as furniture and vehicles. We provide exceptional VIP shipping in partnerships with various ocean carriers and send goods to all major seaports across Australia.

Get Quick Tracking for Your Cargo

At VIPMALL, we use an in-house tracking system to keep track of where your goods as they’re being transported from place to place. Our online tracking system is very simple to use; you only need to provide your tracking number and we can quickly tell you where your goods are, where they’ve been, and when they’re due to be delivered.

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